Ownership of the HBPCT shares
Trustees decide on the future ownership of the shares in Unison Networks Limited
March 19, 2018
Dividend Payout
10% increase in Hawke’s Bay Power Consumers’ Trust dividend cheque
September 11, 2018
Contributions Policy

Contributions Policy

Contributions Policy
Purpose: To provide a framework for the Trust, and clarity to consumers on shareholder funds budgeted for contributions.

Background: The HBPC Trust is historically and constitutionally a trust that serves its shareholders (the consumer) in managing and distributing dividends and through monitoring the performance of the company. Energy and efficiency programs have been supported by the Trust. (Undergrounding, insulation, electric blanket checks etc)

Unison (The Company) has a donation and sponsorship policy that is general and all encompassing. No clear strategy is evident from either the policy or the current use of funds. Unison allocates 0.25% of Group Revenue (excluding ETEL). The Trust would seek to ensure that Unison and the Trust’s policies and strategies align

Trust Contributions Priorities: To support consumers to better manage their energy use and consumption.
Definitions: Contributions:
Provision of funds to organizations that share both the priorities of the Trust and a co - funding relationship.

1. Contributions will be provided for energy and efficiency programs as decided by the trustees in consultation with consumers. Other purposes may be considered with the consent of the majority of consumers by independent survey.

2. Consultation with consumers will be held at least every 3 years and more frequently when significant contribution funding requests change or are deemed by the Trust to need to change.

3. The Trust in any one year will allocate budget not exceeding 3% of that year’s dividend. The funding year will be the calendar year after the dividend is allocated.

4. Contribution seekers must apply each year by 1st June (or the closest working day) to be considered for budgeting in the following calendar year. Unless specified as a maximum 3 year term all funds will be allocated on a yearly basis.