Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions we get relating to the dividend payout.

Q: Am I entitled to a dividend payment?

A: If you live in Hawke’s Bay and have a power account on the qualification date, you will be entitled to a payment. You can check what area constitutes ‘Hawke’s Bay’ by viewing the Napier and Hastings electoral maps.

Q: Does it matter when I joined Unison?

A: Each year, the HBPCT sets a ‘qualification date’ that is used to establish eligibility for a dividend payment. It does not matter at which time during the year you connected to Unison’s network, provided that on the qualification date your power was ‘on’, and the account was in your name.

Q: What is the ‘qualification date’?

A: Each year the HBPCT choose a single date by which they determine the power account holders eligible for a dividend payment. This method is used because any other method would be too complex to administer, as all data relating to customer eligibility is provided by the electricity retailers.

This year’s qualification date is 30th September 2019. So long as your power was ‘on’ (energised) at this time you are eligible for the distribution payment.

Q: If I have more than one property or power meter (for example my house, a pump and a woolshed), do I get more than one cheque?

A: All permanent metered supply points (‘ICP’s) connected to Unison’s Hawke’s Bay network (and liable for a fixed daily charge at the time of the dividend pay-out) are entitled to a dividend payment.

There is a maximum of three payments for any one named consumer.
Builder’s temporary supplies, and other unmetered connections such as streetlights, telecommunications devices, and under-veranda lighting etc. are not eligible for a payment.

Q: My neighbours have received their payment, but I haven’t.

A: Posting of the cheques and processing of payments will be staged to avoid congestion for NZ Post and the banks, and is not necessarily done in street or suburb order. Please continue to be patient in the short term, and contact us if you have still not received your payment by the end of December 2019.

With 55,000 payments to be made, the process will be staggered over three days, and due to the impact this has on NZ Post, cheques may take up to two weeks to arrive.

Q: When will I receive my distribution payment?

A: The payment will be posted out at the end of November 2019. Please be patient and contact us if you have still not received your cheque by the end of December 2019.

Q: How much will it be?

A: The payment can change from year to year, and is decided by the HBPCT. This year  (2019) the HBCT were pleased to share the success of Unison with a tax-paid distribution of $225 (after tax).

The payment was the same for all power consumers, regardless of whether it is for a commercial or domestic account.  The dividend amount has had tax deducted and paid on your behalf.

Q: What happens if I don't have a bank account?

A: You will need to discuss this with a local bank.

Q: I’m a commercial customer - why is my distribution the same as everyone else?

A: Your elected Trustees decided that the distribution payment would be the same for every consumer. They determined the dividend payments would be based on being an account holder (to a maximum of three connection points), rather than size, spend or consumption.

Q: What if I’m on Prepay power?

A: Good news! All Hawke’s Bay Prepay power consumers now also receive a payment, addressed to the person whose name is registered with the electricity retailer at the applicable address.

Q: I’m in a flatting situation, with multiple tenants – who receives the distribution payment?

A: The payment will be issued to the account holder, and it will be their responsibility to decide how the payment is shared in these instances.