Amendment to Deed Of Trust
Amendment to Deed Of Trust
April 30, 2021
April 2022 Newsletter
April ’22 Newsletter
April 19, 2022

We urge you to register!

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Register Now

Registration for direct credit payment of power dividend remains open The Hawke’s Bay Power Consumers’ Trust is urging the final 9% of power consumers in Hawke’s Bay to ensure they get registered for the direct credit payment of the annual Trust dividend.

“Power consumers who register for direct credit from today will still receive their dividend payment, but it will not be made in the first round of payments due from 27 November” said Trust Chair, Diana Kirton.
Nearly 91% of Hawke’s Bay power consumers met the Friday 19 November deadline for early payments. “This is a great response considering we ran the registration campaign amidst the constant Covid-19 messages being received since mid-August” Kirton said. “We now just need the final 9% to register for direct credit in order to receive their dividend payment”.

The dividend of $230 after tax will be paid to every power account holder in the Napier and Hastings regions of Hawke’s Bay, but only if they register for direct credit. Every power account holder has been contacted direct by email, text or post with instructions on how to register as well as their unique 4-digit code. To register for direct credit, consumers will need their:

- Unique 4-digit code
- ICP Number (found on your power bill)
- bank account details

For information and support phone: 0800 535 738.