Hawke's Bay Power Consumers' Trust [HBPCT]

The Trust holds the shares in Unison Networks Limited on behalf of all consumers who are connected to Unison’s electricity networks in Hawke’s Bay. Our task is to ensure the value of your investment is protected and enhanced, now and into the future.

The elected Trust oversees the operation of Unison and, on behalf of the consumer-owners, the trust receives a dividend which it shares out to all owners. Simply, by having a power account for a property linked to Unison, you are a shareholder. Each year we issue a cheque to shareholders based on billing details held by electricity retailers. The Trust has announced that the dividend payout for 2019 is $225.00. This will be released towards the end of November either by direct credit or cheque. It’s your choice. Power consumers can register for the direct credit option from mid-October. If you would like to register to receive your payout online. click here