Are you ready to receive your dividend payout?

The Trust has announced that the dividend payout this year is $220. It will be posted out the week of 17th November 2018.
Please check that all your details are correct. For information on previous dividend payouts please click here

Personal Information

When you get your next power account, check to see the name and the postal address on the power account are correct – this is the name and address the cheque will be posted to. If you need to make changes, you will need to contact your electricity retailer.

Bank Account

Because the name on your electricity account is the name we issue the cheque to, it pays to ensure it matches the bank account you intend to bank the cheque to. If you need to change the name on the account, this will need to be done through your electricity retailer.

Physical Address

If you move, be sure to leave a forwarding address or put a redirection order request in at your Post Office, and ensure your new address is correct with your electricity provider. If you are on Prepay Power, you will need to ensure you are the registered power consumer with Contact Energy for your property.