Benefits Of Trust Ownership

Ownership of Unison via the consumer trust model offers the following benefits compared to other ownership structures.
Unison Directors’ Report – click here

      • The Trust has direct influence over financial and non-financial objectives.
      • Trust ownership allows Unison to focus on operating excellence initiatives rather than primarily shareholder returns
      • Direct financial benefits flow to consumers or community.
      • Provides Unison with a consistent strategic majority shareholder.
      • The Trust is able to focus on the investment in long-term assets for the benefit of current and future generation. (Including investments for network growth and investments for improved resilience and reliability)

Because Unison is consumer owned, anything that benefits shareholders, also benefits power consumers. Trustees believe that if Unison had a different owner that the needs of shareholders could be prioritised ahead of consumer outcomes.

Since 1992, HBPCT has paid more than $250m in dividends to Hawke’s Bay power consumers.

Here’s our dividend payment history for the past ten years:

2023$16.0 million$240 per power consumer
2022$15.2 million$230 per power consumer
2021$15.0 million$230 per power consumer
2020$14.6 million$225 per power consumer
2019$14.1 million$220 per power consumer
2018$12.8 million$200 per power consumer
2017$9.5 million$150 per power consumer
2016$10.6 million$170 per power consumer
2015$10.6 million$170 per power consumer
2014$9.3 million$150 per power consumer

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